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“Bob Beaudine not only brings out the best in people but he KNOWS the best people for any assignment. I highly recommend Bob and his team.”

Eric Affeldt
Chairman Experience Investment Corp. | Former CEO Club Corp Holdings

“There is no one in the sports search business with the network of contacts and instant recall of solutions that Eastman & Beaudine have. When you have any sort of problem, they are the Best at helping you identify your needs and then filling them.”

Stan Kasten
President | Los Angeles Dodgers

“Bob Beaudine challenges you to think differently. His unique approach to life and business has helped elevate many careers.”

Roger Goodell
Commissioner | NFL

“These are career-altering decisions. Eastman & Beaudine is the best at making great candidates feel comfortable and helping them strategically evaluate an opportunity through the lens of what matters most to them.” 

Fran Fraschilla
ESPN College Basketball Analyst

“The task of recruiting a new Commissioner for Major League Baseball was one of the most difficult and challenging assignments in all of sports. We chose Eastman & Beaudine after looking at the top firms in the country.”

Len Coleman
Former President | National League
Current Board of Dir. | Heinz | Aramark | EA Sports

“Eastman & Beaudine offers an extraordinary blend of leadership, insight, sound judgment, and enthusiasm. They identify the clients needs, and communicates those needs to candidates in clear, attractive terms. In the field of leadership recruitment, Eastman & Beaudine is the best!”

Steve Bartlett
Four-Time Congressman | Former Mayor of Dallas

“Eastman & Beaudine is a leader in the field of executive recruiting, they attract only the top candidates in the field. Their professionalism allows them to stand above the rest.”

Declan Bolger
SVP/CMO | Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

“The greatest asset any company can have is outstanding people. They’re tough to find and Eastman and Beaudine does an excellent job of finding the very best. The firm is in tune with the marketplace and understands what it takes to be successful and how to find successful people.”

Marc S. Kidd
CEO | Captivate

“Eastman & Beaudine’s experience in the business of sports over the last decade, coupled with their overall depth of understanding, today’s marketplace and the challenges that accompany a search, makes them uniquely qualified for today’s dynamic sports environment, in all forms of business and media.”

Drew Reifenberger
General Manager | Circle Media

“Passionate, diligent, committed and some of the best phone in the business are the superlatives that best describe Eastman and Beaudine. They immerse themselves into the needs of the company, the technical demands of the position, and as importantly, the dynamics and culture of the organization. The resulting list of candidates have always reflected great and far reaching talent but also the right style and personal make-up to ensure that the candidate of choice will have a successful and long-term tenure.”

Mike Golub
CEO | Portland Timbers

“I have worked with Bob and Frank Beaudine for over 40 years. They have placed a variety of executives in various industries. They take the time prior to the search to understand the culture and what type of individual fits the need. Their professionalism represented our companies well and allowed us to select the right candidate the first time.”

Ray Davis
Owner | Texas Rangers

“Bob and his team work hard to understand the task at hand, scour the marketplace and don’t let up until the client is satisfied and the candidate is in place and settled in. Hands-on first-class service every step of the way.”

Howard Handler
President | 313 Presents

“I have known Bob Beaudine and worked with his firm for over 40 years. Regardless of the industry or size of company, they have demonstrated an ability to consistently identify the optimal senior executive given a wide range of assignments. Their personalized service and ability to identify the ideal candidate for a job truly separates them from their competitors.”

Rowland Hanson
Chairman | CRH & Associates,
Fmr. VP Corporate Comm. | Microsoft
Fmr. VP Global Marketing | Neutrogena

“Bob is the go-to guy for sports organizations looking to find the difference maker for their program or organization. He works relentlessly for his clients and has built the best network and reputation in sports.”

Rick Welts
President/CEO | Golden State Warriors

“Bob Beaudine is extremely well connected, identifies outstanding candidates, does his due diligence and most importantly, closes the sale. We were very pleased with his performance on our successful search for a President and General Manager.”

Lawrence M. Tanenbaum
Chairman of the Board | Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd.

“Twice we’ve gone to Eastman & Beaudine for assistance in finding the right executive to help move our business forward, and twice they’ve delivered to us a group of highly qualified and successful candidates that we could never have assembled on our own. When you work with Eastman & Beaudine be prepared to make some very tough decisions because they’ll give you the very best to choose from.”

Fred A. Whitfield
President/Vice Chairman | Charlotte Hornets

“The life lessons and secrets to success that Bob Beaudine knows are invaluable.”

Jerry Colangelo
Chairman | USA Basketball


“There is no better seeker of talent than Bob Beaudine…and the fact that he has the unique ability to understand culture and recruit talent to fit and enhance the culture is what has made him the best of the best”.

Scott O’Neil
Former CEO | Philadelphia 76ers | New Jersey Devils

Since 1967, Eastman & Beaudine has been the trusted and recognized leader in executive search among business, sports, and entertainment industries seeking direction, assessment, and counsel to build their senior leadership teams. We have conducted hundreds of searches for the highest-level executives for major sports leagues, professional teams, Olympic bodies, arena’s, sports marketing agencies, studios, mass media, and many others. It is our conviction that our placements will always be highly motivated, fully qualified individuals who are great fits personally, as well as professionally, exceeding client expectations each time. To this day, we are fueled by the vision of our founder—to provide elite professional services while making clients into lifelong friends.

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Eastman & Beaudine has successfully filled jobs at every level in the business,  sports, and entertainment industries. The firm works extensively in meeting client needs in seeking direction, assessment and counsel to build their senior leadership teams. Eastman & Beaudine believes the ultimate goal of a search is to find that one person who is not only the best of the best technically, but also a person who matches the core values and culture of the organization. 

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  • CEO
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  • Board of Directors
  • Ticket Sales
  • Account/Brand Management
  • Director of Marketing

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